Machines à Sous Little Britain | France


Machines à Sous Little Britain | France

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Finding your way around towns often is not simple. No, they seriously cannot. France has twice the area of the whole UK to spread out about the same population, but until recently they still managed to kill twice as many people.

The moment my wheels touch France, I drop my speed a full mph. The French are not just dangerous drivers, they are widely and generally incompetent drivers.

Large numbers of French towns are very cramped , which can make parking a major problem, especially if you do not know your way around.

Most French people drive around in tiny, little prams and the parking spaces are widely designed to accommodate that sort of vehicle.

If you are going to hire a car and expect to spend a lot of time in towns, you should consider the possibility of booking a small hire car. By the way, the bizarre priority from the right rule still exists in France, a piece of Gallic logic created supposedly to regulate who goes first when two or more roads meet, except those which have the sign below, the driver emerging from the rightmost road at an intersection has the priority to go cross that intersection first, or even to turn onto another road.

So, you may find a driver stops on a larger road to allow a car waiting on a side road to the right of the main road to turn onto the larger road.

You should learn to recognise this sign. On roads with this sign, drivers have priority to when going across intersections or turning onto another road.

You are no longer are on a road with priority; surely a skull-and-crossbones would be more fitting! These mad priority signs, a positive clear sign telling you that idiots cannot jump out from your right and a negative sign that has a cancelling line across telling you that other drivers may jump out ahead of you, appear to have been developed by French bureaucrats attempting to correct the mess they had made previously with the generalised priority from the right rule.

Even today, I have had a driver stop on a main road to let me out of a side road, with the usual screeching of brakes as others try to stop behind him; while still a considerable percentage regularly jump out onto roundabouts against oncoming traffic.

Doubtless, the powers cannot admit to making this incredible foul-up, so I return you to my original advice: Just to reassure you, it can become even more confusing.

You may see one of these skull-and-cross bone signs with a number such as m in a block below the sign. Here, perhaps, you are expected to use your initiative.

My response is to switch into double terrified mode and pray vigorously, without, of course, taking my eyes from drivers probably planning mayhem.

Prior to this, the rules of priority on the road were very complicated, right of way being given according to the social rank of each passenger.

Thus, it is said that passengers had to get off a coach to compare their titles and so decide who would pass first, according to the degrees of nobility!

The Italians are mad, but good, drivers; the French are generally just stupid. The Spanish live somewhere in between!

There is none of the habitual lane discipline you see in Britain; straying across the white lines is optional. If you are unaccustomed to driving a continental, left-hand drive vehicle, you will have a great deal more to cope with on top of that.

So, if you wanna live, drop your speed and drive much more defensively than most sane people drive, even than in Britain.

Maybe this will start to change now, as even the French central government has had enough and is heavily cracking down on the situation.

They are bringing in speed cameras [7] , and are already becoming rather keen as it is realised how much money can be made from them.

France is highly devolved, and so the local police get creative. A recent example was them lurking in a side road with a white line in a nearly deserted village and watching to make sure that the wheels of any emerging car completely stopped before proceeding - another nice little earner.

Another French finickety neuroticism is only parking in spaces facing in the direction of travel. That will be another fifty euros, Monsieur - ker-ching.

It is important to realise that people from abroad, or from another French department, are a delightful source of painless revenue, subsidising local taxes.

On sunny days, during the tourist season, it is common to see gendarmes gathering like flies around roundabouts - so much better and more profitable than being cooped up indoors.

Once you are off the motorways, road quality varies considerably. France is much more decentralised than the UK, so every local commune [local authority] makes its own decisions.

This means you can be tootling along a road with a good, well-kept surface and suddenly, without warning, the quality can drop dramatically as you move from one commune to another.

In France, you pay through the nose for most motorways [ autoroutes ] there are a few free motorways, around large cities and in Northern France but there is one great joy and luxury that comes with this cost — an immense variety of aires.

Read more about the autoroute network and the more interesting aires in motorway aires, introduction , also accessible from the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

You drive on the A As crude oil prices fell in , fuel prices went down Is this the real reason why the French government has jacked up the tax on fuels again, rather than the official line of reducing air pollution?

This makes rather hollow the claims that diesel is more polluting. Of course, there are still a small number of older, highly polluting diesel vehicles about, but most prefer to trade those in for more efficient, and so less polluting, newer models.

From the 1st of January , all vehicle fuel prices will increase by 2. In addition, gazole will increase by a further 2 centimes per litre, making the total increase for gazole 4.

It is said that the additional portion of increased tax is to compensate for the collapse of the ecotax or environmental tax on trucks.

The ecotax was to be charged on heavy goods vehicles [ poids lourds - PL], the original plan being to register the movements of heavy goods vehicles on non-motorway roads, then send bills charged a per-kilometre road tax.

However, riots, road blocks and lorry go-slow demos [ escargots - snails] on major roads during has forced the tax to be abandoned.

Now the government is wary of upsetting commercial drivers further by targeting taxes solely at them. The government had been in a legal battle with the gantry constructors over cancelling their contract.

This specified the constructors were to receive a portion of the revenue to be generated in payment for footing the construction bill.

This agreement includes paying the salary for a year of the white-collar employees made redundant, many of whom had taken out mortgages on the basis of an excellent, government-funded salary.

The final amount to be repaid is just under a billion euro, at million euro. Another reason why fuel prices will not drop to their current natural level.

Prices from French roadside and motorway service stations are higher than those at supermarkets. From late July , the new Macron government created a very useful website showing the current fuel prices at service stations in each commune.

This is done practically in real time, using the price declarations the service stations have to make to the government for tax purposes.

Le prix des carburants [app. Despite the recent trend of crude oil prices dropping , the French government's campaign against fossil fuels is meaning that fuel prices continue to rise month by month.

This steady price rise is reinforced by supermarkets and others often not passing on price reductions resulting from crude price drops.

Sometimes they forget themselves, and have a Friday and Saturday offer at 'cost price', deducting the fossil fuel tax. Note that the differential between supermarket and motorway fuel price varies over time.

The cost of diesel [ gazole ] higher at French roadside service stations, and even higher at motorway ones. But if you drive on the tolled motorways, the tolls will cost you over 10 centimes a mile [3] , approximately two-thirds the fuel cost, but see the update on autoroute tolls, January Because of the recent fuel price rises, motorway tolls are now a smaller proportion of the overall cost of motorway driving, though obviously, the monetary cost of going by motorway is always higher than travelling by main roads.

Thus, driving on the tolled French motorways is somewhat a luxury. Some motorways are not tolled, especially around large cities and in northern France.

However, driving long distances through France off-motorway can be very tiring and tiresome - winding through village after village, and cramped and crowded towns.

There are long stretches where overtaking is difficult and lumbering lorries are routine. It can add much time to your journey, while not improving the nerves or the mood.

To add to the fun, given the French standard of signing , in the larger towns without a bypass it is also all too easy to become lost, especially at night.

Historic price information is held at end note 10 below for reference purposes. From 12 September , the labelling of the pumps at fuel stations Europe-wide will change, 'thanks' to an European directive.

French drivers will soon find no "unleaded 95" at the pump, nor "unleaded 98" or "diesel". From 12 October onwards, a single signing is being set up throughout the European Union and in neighbouring countries such as Norway, Iceland and Turkey as a consequence of a European directive.

These new acronyms will be indicated on each of the fuel pumps as well as on the dispensing pistols, and also on new vehicles put on sale from this date.

Each type of fuel is now represented by a shape: These new indicators will be present on new vehicles, near the fuel cap, as well as at service stations.

But, insist the professionals, it will not replace the current labels, which are accustomed to motorists.

Taxing fossil fuels continues. Previously, taxes were increasing on diesel and falling on petrol.

From , they increase on both, but faster on diesel than on petrol, to align the two fuels' prices, it having been decreed that all diesel engines are more polluting than petrol ones.

According to the calculations of the French Union of Petroleum Industries UFIP , taxes on diesel could increase by 31 cents per litre by , if the progress in the new finance law is fully implemented.

For petrol, the increase will be 15 cents. This nice little earner punishes the many diesel vehicle drivers just not able to just buy a more expensive but apparently ecological, electric or hybrid car.

The scrappage premiums are not realistic for the less well off, often living outside large towns, so dependant on individual transport. Since July , when the speed limit on most secondary roads was reduced from 90 kph to 80 kph, the illusion of reducing pollution has been amplified.

Cars are designed to have a cruising speed range where the car hums along, comfortable at the optimal rpm range and so giving the car's best fuel consumption.

This cruising speed range was designed so the lower end of its range was near to the secondary road speed maximum - 90 kph.

And what happens when the car is forced to drive at a lower speed? Fuel consumption increases, the car cannot produce sufficient heat to enable the catalytic converter, that converts carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water, to work effectively.

French fuel price changes. In , Calais hosted part of Napoleon's army and invasion fleet for several months before his aborted invasion of Britain.

Cordial relations had been restored by that time and on 3 December the mayor of Calais wrote a letter to Power to express thanks for his "considerate treatment of the French and of the town of Calais during the embarkation.

Calais was a key port for the supply of arms and reinforcements to the Western Front. Calais was virtually razed to the ground during World War II.

Three thousand British and French troops, assisted by Royal Navy warships, held out from 22 to 27 May against the 10th Panzer Division.

The town was flattened by artillery and precision dive bombing and only 30 of the strong defending force were evacuated before the town fell.

This may have helped Operation Dynamo , the evacuation of Allied forces at Dunkirk, as 10th Panzer would have been involved on the Dunkirk perimeter had it not been busy at Calais.

In they built massive bunkers along the coast in preparation for launching missiles on the southeast of England.

Calais was very heavily bombed and shelled in a successful effort to disrupt German communications and persuade them that the Allies would target the Pas-de-Calais for invasion rather than Normandy.

Since or earlier, an increasingly large number of migrants and refugees started to arrive in the vicinity of Calais, living in the Calais jungle , the nickname given to a series of makeshift camps.

The people lived there while they attempted to enter the United Kingdom by stowing away on lorries, ferries, cars, or trains travelling through the Port of Calais or the Eurotunnel Calais Terminal.

The Calais migrant crisis [44] led to escalating tension between the UK and France in the summer of The British Prime Minister David Cameron released a statement saying that illegal immigrants would be removed from the UK even if they reached the island.

On 26 October , French authorities announced that the camp had been cleared. Calais is located on the Pas de Calais , which marks the boundary between the English Channel and North Sea and located at the opposite end of the Channel Tunnel , 34 kilometres 21 miles from Dover.

On a clear day the White cliffs of Dover can be viewed across the channel. The core area of the city is divided into the Old Town area within the old city walls, and the younger suburbs of St.

Pierre, which are connected by a boulevard. Many artists have been inspired by its landscapes, among them the composer Henri Dutilleux , the writers Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens , and the painters J.

The climate is temperate oceanic in Calais. Temperature ranges are moderate and the winters are mild with unstable weather. Changes in the number of inhabitants is known throughout the population censuses conducted since in Calais.

Note the massive growth in population from 13, in to 58, in , a growth of The city's proximity to England has made it a major port for centuries.

It is the principal ferry crossing point between England and France, with the vast majority of Channel crossings being made between Dover and Calais.

More than 10 million people visit Calais annually. From medieval times, English companies thrived in Calais. Calais was a particularly important centre in the production and trade of wool and cloth, which outweighed the costs of maintaining the town as part of England.

In some manufacturers were based in Calais and the St Pierre suburbs, the majority of which were English.

The Emile Fournier et Fils market on the Rue Mouron sells mainly smoked fish including salmon , trout , herring and halibut.

Place d'Armes is one of the largest squares in the city of Calais. It adjoins the watchtower, and during medieval times was once the heart of the city.

Only at the end of English rule did it take the name of Place d'Armes. After the reconquest of Calais in by Francis, Duke of Guise, Francis II gave Calais the right to hold a fair twice a year on the square, which still exists today, as well as a bustling Wednesday and Saturday market.

It was built in the Flemish Renaissance style between and to commemorate the unification of the cities of Calais and Saint Pierre in The hall has stained glass windows and numerous paintings and exquisite decor.

Like the town hall it is one of the city's most prominent landmarks. It was arguably the only church in the English perpendicular style in France.

In , an cubic metre cistern was added to the church under orders by Vauban. It contained eighteen figures, the two standing on either side of the altar-piece—representing St.

The pulpit and reading-desk, richly sculptured in oak, is another well-executed piece of ecclesiastical workmanship from St.

The altar-piece, the Assumption, was often attributed to Anthony van Dyck , though in reality it is by Van Sulden; whilst the painting over the side altar, believed to be by Peter Paul Rubens.

The square, massive Norman tower has three-arched belfry windows on each face, surmounted by corner turrets, and a conically-shaped tower of octagonal proportions, topped again by a short steeple.

The tower was a main viewing point for the Anglo-French Survey — which linked the Paris Observatory with the Royal Greenwich Observatory using trigonometry.

The church was assigned as a historic monument by decree of 10 September , only to have its stained glass smashed during a Zeppelin bombardment on 15 January , falling through the roof.

Dating from , when Philip I, Count of Boulogne , built the fortifications of Calais, it is one of the oldest monuments of Calais, although the oldest remaining traces date to An earthquake in split the tower in two, and at one time it threatened to collapse completely.

In , [77] a bell identical to the original bell of was cast. Due to its height, from the late 17th century it became an important watchout post for the city for centuries until ; [74] the last keeper of the tower was forced to leave in Abraham Chappe , a brother of Ignace Chappe installed a telegraph office in the tower in and operated for 32 years.

It also had the dual function as lighthouse with a rotating beacon fuelled by oil from The Calais Lighthouse Le phare de Calais was built in , replacing the old watch tower as the lighthouse of the port.

The 55 metre high tower was electrified in and automated in The staircase has steps leading up to the lantern. By day it is easily distinguishable from other coastal lighthouses by its white color and black lantern.

The lighthouse was classified as a historical monument on 22 November The Citadel, located on the Avenue Pierre Coubertin, was built between and on the site of a former medieval castle which was built in by Philippe de Hureprel.

Both Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu at one time considered expanding the citadel and Calais into a great walled city for military harbour purposes but the proposals came to nothing.

In , the fort was captured by the Spanish Netherlands until May when it was returned to the French following the Treaty of Vervins.

It was rebuilt in It contains the Lancaster Tower, a name often given to the fort itself. Fort Nieulay, located along the Avenue Roger Salengro originally dated to the 12th or 13th century.

During the English invasion in , sluices gates were added as water defences and a fort was built up around it in on the principle that the people of the fort could defend the town by flooding it.

It was completed in , with the purpose to protect the bridge of Nieulay crossing the Hames River. Calais contains several museums.

The building is a former Nazi bunker and wartime military headquarters, built in by the Todt Organisation.

The metre-long structure contains twenty rooms with relics and photographs related to World War II, and one room dedicated to World War I.

The cast was erected in , funded by a public grant of 10, francs. It is a bronze sculpture, attributed to Edward Lormier.

One of these victims, Delpierre Auguste, — , drowned at age 21 before the beach at Calais; a dock in the city is named for him. The monument was dedicated on 22 June Monument "Jacquard" was erected on the square in , opposite the entrance to the Calais theatre.

It commemorates Joseph Marie Jacquard , popular in Calais because of his contribution to the development of lace through his invention of the Jacquard loom.

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Machines À Sous Little Britain | France Video

Little Britain - Daffyd Thomas first episode You are very likely to be on motorways for a good while as your first experience. The lighthouse was world cyber arena as a historical monument on 22 November Montana 4 — Export — The Bingo Simulation Site — Corners Score - Bally Bingos — Retrieved 16 September Beste Spielothek in Rötzinghofen finden Tribute Bingo — Company Detail - Willy Michiels — Le prix des carburants [app. Electronicgames Fire Ball — One Ball — book of ra auf handy spielen Amabay Hotel Casino offers complete casino gaming including poker. The National Gaming Control Board was created in and oversees terrestrial and online gaming licensees. However, casino gambling is not allowed in Hong Kong. Machines | France Sous à Little Britain -

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Machines à Sous Little Britain | France -

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